The New Missus

I don’t know where to begin.  I’m in total bliss.

Ms. Honey Aubrey Millon is now a missus and will now be known as Mrs. Honey Aubrey Millon Perrin.  OK, name is too long, I know.  How about Honey Millon Perrin or Honey Perrin… Bronson will be elated, I just know it 🙂

Sunday, August 7th has come and gone, and it was AMAZING.  We had the time of our lives, we hope our friends, families and guests did as well.  Absolutely nothing could have ruined our evening.  After a decade of love, it’s official and we finally tied the knot.

Sharing one of our favorite photos from IG, courtesy of my sister and maid of honor, Natalie Millon. @photoluxehi


Can’t wait to see the photos from our One Wedding Photography.  They have already uploaded the same day edit  and I am so happy to share with you too.

It was so much fun planning and preparing for the wedding.  Luckily, we had the best bride /groom squad to help alleviate the stress, however that may have felt because I never felt it, and I don’t think Brons did either.  You know that superstress, that pressure that comes with getting married and turns the bride into some sort of godzilla figure, aka bridezilla.  No, siree not me.  Word of advice to all brides is to enjoy the process and surround yourself with wonderful people who lifts you up mentally and emotionally.  I will forever be grateful to you– my sisters Natalie, Ersa, Sally, Dessa, my only brother Neil, my BFFs Kelsie & Jena, and their husbands (my BGFFs) Marlon & Juvy and of course the Perrin Family especially Aunty Genal who was just so fabulous.

Now that the wedding is done, I need a new project!  Everyone wants us to have babies but not sure I am ready for that, unless someone promises that I can have twins— girl twins so I’ll only get pregnant once and three of us can drive Brons absolutely crazy with lots of love and girly stuff haha!

Maybe I’ll blog about how it’s like to be a newlywed, or write a Part II to the book I recently wrote and published as a wedding gift to Bronson. Yes, darlings, I wrote a book, but I’ll share on another day.  How about a vlog instead.  Or maybe I’ll take baking or cooking class….and blog or vlog about it…?


See you later darlings,


Missus Honey Perrin ❤

@honeyaubrey  @thebohemianprincessbride


Love & Happiness

Are you happy?

Happiness is a choice.  Choose it.  It’s not hard.

Just live life as if everything is magnificent, a miracle.  Look beyond the imperfections, the teeny things that don’t matter because there’s bigger more important things that do.  Enjoy, seize and love every moment. In reality it’s not really what you have that makes you happy… or who or where you are, or what you’re doing….It’s what you think. If you’re in a miserable place but you think beautiful, happy thoughts, then you’re happy.  Believe that if you think it, it will be.  So if you want to be happy, there is no other way but to be.

And love?

Don’t go looking for it.  Because it will find you. I promise.

Love yourself first.  Love the world and the people around you, and everything will fall into place.

The person you are meant to be with- he/she will come around.  The secret is to know that the this person, they’re already a part of you.  And when that one day come, you will know. 

So don’t worry…be happy.

Honey Aubrey Millon

Dear Diary…..

Needing inspiration to last me for the next few days and needing to keep this peace of mind going even though it is absolute madness around me, I go through my old writings to move me and I found this in an old online diary….


We all encounter life differently. The world is cruel and unfair, and it’s only human to sometimes feel like giving up. We all have experiences that lead us to where we are and some of them even become a barrier to what we want to accomplish, where we would like to go.

Life is simple, but it is not easy.

Remember, the easier the path taken, the simpler the reward granted. It’s okay to be who you are, no matter how disapproving the world is, because in the end, all the hard work is worth it.

Believe in Beauty, no matter how ugly the world seems.

Believe in Goodness, no matter how harsh life may be.

Believe in Hope, no matter how impossible days become.

By believing this, you have the power to be the best person you can ever be and even better.


This is all I need.
Thank you, Diary.


Love Being a Girl!

March 3rd marked an annual celebration for girls- Hina Matsuri, a Japanese tradition also known as Girl’s Day. A little history for ya:: upon birth, Japanese girls would be given beautiful dolls dressed in kimonos, complete with fans and musical instruments. Young girls would display their dolls, and take them down before March 3, when […]

XOXO Confessions

So I do admit on not being too ecstatic about Valentines day. I’m a simple girl. I don’t need to be told I’m loved and appreciated on that one day when the rest of the world is doing it too. I don’t want my lover to feel like he is obligated. That he has to buy me chocolate, or that he has to give me flowers just because it’s Feb. 14. I am not an obligation, thankyouverymuch. And for those of you who are single, don’t be too sad if you’re alone today.

Although my darlings, I very much agree that there are some advantages to the marketing schemes of St. Valentine. First, there’s the overwhelming use of the color pink (and red, too, but I don’t care for red. I heart pink) The power of pink is deeply appreciated by both genders, seen in almost everything girly you can imagine- flowers, balloons, sweets, potted plants, stuffed animals and of course….lingerie….Oh how feminine. Not to mention, also the fabulous sales on lingerie for V-day. Specifically VS lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret + Sale + Lingerie = Honey’s Lovely Day (a.k.a Valentine’s Day)

Speaking of which, VS posted a playful interview with their gorgeous angels (in their sexy lingeries) in observation of today’s Honeyday. Ooops, I mean “holiday.”

Victoria’s Secret Angels Talk about their First Kiss

Too cute. These ladies are so gorgeous and flawless, it’s funny to think of them being awkward in any situation.

The video was the inspiration in writing this entry, XOXO Confessions.

I confess to having my first kiss as being much like Erin Heatherton’s, minus the gum actually being caught in my hair. I had to laugh after hearing her story. I’m surprised that didn’t happen to me yet, I have twice as much hair as she does.
I also confess to loving and enjoying kissing more than anything. Yes, I’m a prude so what.

Kissing is sweeter, more passionate, heartmelting and soul-filling than anything else. You feel a deep connection with that other person- a spark so electrifying its ecstacy.

I can kiss for days.

Anywhere up high, close to a brightly shining moon and twinkling stars. Someday I’d like to go up Mauna Kea in the second week of August during the Perseid meteor shower and have a dramatic kissing scene with my lover 😉 The kiss will be so dramatic, Nicholas Sparks will steal my idea and include it in a tearjerker movie starring Rachel McAdams.

I’d love to kiss in the rain too.

What’s your most memorable kiss?