XOXO Confessions

So I do admit on not being too ecstatic about Valentines day. I’m a simple girl. I don’t need to be told I’m loved and appreciated on that one day when the rest of the world is doing it too. I don’t want my lover to feel like he is obligated. That he has to buy me chocolate, or that he has to give me flowers just because it’s Feb. 14. I am not an obligation, thankyouverymuch. And for those of you who are single, don’t be too sad if you’re alone today.

Although my darlings, I very much agree that there are some advantages to the marketing schemes of St. Valentine. First, there’s the overwhelming use of the color pink (and red, too, but I don’t care for red. I heart pink) The power of pink is deeply appreciated by both genders, seen in almost everything girly you can imagine- flowers, balloons, sweets, potted plants, stuffed animals and of course….lingerie….Oh how feminine. Not to mention, also the fabulous sales on lingerie for V-day. Specifically VS lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret + Sale + Lingerie = Honey’s Lovely Day (a.k.a Valentine’s Day)

Speaking of which, VS posted a playful interview with their gorgeous angels (in their sexy lingeries) in observation of today’s Honeyday. Ooops, I mean “holiday.”

Victoria’s Secret Angels Talk about their First Kiss

Too cute. These ladies are so gorgeous and flawless, it’s funny to think of them being awkward in any situation.

The video was the inspiration in writing this entry, XOXO Confessions.

I confess to having my first kiss as being much like Erin Heatherton’s, minus the gum actually being caught in my hair. I had to laugh after hearing her story. I’m surprised that didn’t happen to me yet, I have twice as much hair as she does.
I also confess to loving and enjoying kissing more than anything. Yes, I’m a prude so what.

Kissing is sweeter, more passionate, heartmelting and soul-filling than anything else. You feel a deep connection with that other person- a spark so electrifying its ecstacy.

I can kiss for days.

Anywhere up high, close to a brightly shining moon and twinkling stars. Someday I’d like to go up Mauna Kea in the second week of August during the Perseid meteor shower and have a dramatic kissing scene with my lover 😉 The kiss will be so dramatic, Nicholas Sparks will steal my idea and include it in a tearjerker movie starring Rachel McAdams.

I’d love to kiss in the rain too.

What’s your most memorable kiss?


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