Back to Black?- Gaultier’s Amy Winehouse Tribute

Amy Winehouse was an undeniably talented, and deeply troubled soul. But even after her death, did all of our memories of the late English chanteuse go back to black? I say, NO, NO, NO….

The media’s focus on Amy’s unfortunate battle with substance abuse took away from a lot of people’s awareness and appreciation of not only her raw talent, but also her eclectic, yet venerable sense of style. Sure, there’s her signature beehive hairstyle and heavy cat liner…

…then again, that’s hard to miss.

Very few people took note of Amy’s retro fashion.  She mixed and matched feminine pieces, like corsets and pencil skirts, ballet flats, fitted cardigan sweaters over brassieres, to name a few.  Even on days that she looked like she just rolled off of her bed, she still managed to add a touch of eclectic “hot mess” to her style.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring Couture 2012 collection, homage to the late singer, received mixed reviews from critiques.   The collection featured vamping models with gigantic beehives and colored wigs, thick eyeliner, complete with  Winehouse’ beauty mark.  Some, like the late singer, broke the rules and even smoked a cigarette on the runway (technically illegal in Paris).  The line included a lot of pencil skirts, bustier and corsets, asymmetrical necklines, oversized jackets, lace, embroideries, and sequence- all of these elements have a touch of the brazen Winehouse.

The New York Times praised Gaultier for highlighting Amy’s “chaotic essence in a marvelous show”.  The Indepent argued that the collection “hit all the wrong notes”, and Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father felt the tribute was created “in bad taste”.

The video of the show is below.  What do you think?

Is Gaultier’s Spring 2012 collection heading to fashion rehab?

Again, I say NO, NO, NO.

Gaultier did not design the collection to glamorize Amy Winehouse during her most difficult, and controversial times in her life… Even though the collection is a bit overdone, that’s how it’s supposed to be.  It’s COUTURE, not Ready to Wear. The line was not executed with an offensive tone, but rather, Gaultier showcased the collection as a joyful tribute to the tragic singer who left this world too soon.


Mario’s Blushing Princess

After the Golden Globes last Sunday it is evident peach is one of the most prominent colors this season.

Celebs who blushed peach included Heidi Klum, Jessica Biel, Katherine McPhee and Julie Bowen.  My favorite dress of the night was Charlize Theron’s dazzling Dior gown.

I love how girly, warm and innocent the palette makes me feel. Reminds me of spring time, and childhood memories of dress-up, tea parties and being a Princess of the mushroom kingdom waiting for my superhero Mario to rescue me 🙂

Yes, twenty years later, and Princess Peach becomes a fashion inspiration.  Some fashionably blushing pieces from Net A Porter:

1. ALICE BY TEMPERLEY laser-cut leather jacket ($925)

2. REBECCA TAYLOR Tiered satin strapless top ($235)

3. MIU MIU Matelassé leather tote ($2,200)

4. SEE BY CHLOE Ruffled silk top ($270)

5. AGENT PROVOCATEUR Lucienne tulle and lace underwired bra & ($150) briefs ($90)

6. CHALAYAN Draped silk-satin dress ($1,130)

7. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Snake-effect leather pumps ($650)

8. HALSTON HERITAGE Pleated silk-georgette gown ($695)

9. Charlize Theron in DIOR

Obviously these pieces are way out of my budget, but a girl can still dream can’t she?



Wearable Spring/Summer 2012 Trends

Living in a tropical paradise, I always looked forward to Fall Fashion trends (much more than Spring season) because they are generally styles that we can’t wear in Hawaii. Usually, spring trends are easier to put together, but they bore me. During the fall, I always love the challenge of successfully pulling off outfits that may trigger confused looks from the uncles and the “tutus” here. Thigh high boots, faux fur, leather jackets, trench coats, etc… only in the end to be complimented and admired for being fashion forward. A sharply said, (but sweet) comment “Eh, I like your outfit,” brings music to my ears.

Anywho, fashionably speaking for the first time ever, I am actually looking forward to this upcoming Spring/Summer 2012. Styles this coming season have a bold and fun, yet feminine feel and still oh-so-wearable for our weather and environment here in Hawaii Nei.

Browsing through these trends felt like I traveled through time and took a trip around the world all at once, with inspirations coming from so many different things, places, people and ideas.

Emerging trends on the runways include flapper inspired fashion, focusing on drop waist silhouettes and sequins from designers such as Gucci and Marc Jacobs; athletic influences with sophisticated cuts from the collections of Narciso Rodriguez, Alexander Wang, and Victoria Beckham; 1950s & 1960s ladylike fashion continue to grace the runways but with more intricate details such as lace from Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and Nina Ricci. Interestingly enough, bird prints are also popular this season from Carolina Hererra, Kenzo and Jill Stuart.

Here are some of my personal favorites in addition to the trends listed above— styles that I know for sure I will be trying in the next few months.

PASTEL SEPARATES- sorbet color palette in various ensembles

NEON & GEOMETRIC- brighter, bolder hues and geometrical shapes

PEPLUMS- sassy and classy, this 1980’s style is back

TRANSLUCENT WHITES- a warm-weather staple, with a more structured silhouette

SUMMER SUIT- blazer jackets dressed  and dressed down with city shorts

OUT OF AFRICA- tribal prints and stripes

TANGERINE- one of the primary colors of the season.

FLOWER POWER- April showers bring May flowers 😉

DIGITAL AGE- The use of digital photographs on garments

What’s your favorite so far?