Kiss & Tell – A Fashion Must!

Pucker up ladies, one of Spring 2014’s biggest trend is making its mark.  It is all about the lips! Smacked on the runway from designers such as (my favorite) Diane Von Furstenberg, Alice + Olivia, Saint Laurent, and Giles- the lip prints are all over dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories, and even shoes.

Keep a look-out for this trend, as this is the time when it’s actually fashionable to kiss and tell 😉

Here are some of my current loves:::

1.  Diane von Furstenberg “Jera” Dress

2.  Vivetta Bibi Lips Tank Top

3.  Jennifer Loiselle Lip Drop Earrings

4.  Alice + Olivia Karsyn Kiss N Tell Sweater

5.  Holly Fullton Lipstick Skirt

6.  Markus Lupfer Lips Sweater

7.  Kate Spade New York Seanna Oversized Sunglasses

8.  Marc Jacobs Lip Print Bangle

9.  Betsey Johnson Crystal Red Lips Watch

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

A million kisses,

Geek Chic Stuffs- iPhone 5

It is official ladies and gents.

As of yesterday, September 12, the buzz and rumors going around about the new iPhone 5 has finally been confirmed.

The most important iPhone since the very first ever created, the iPhone 5 sound oh-so-fab.

Although I’m not one to constantly talk tech (I could if I want to), I am very excited about this one.


The most obvious change is the significantly thinner and longer dimension. The iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the previous iPhone 4S. It is only 0.30 inches thick, weighing 3.95 ounces! This makes it the thinnest Smartphone in the world.  The larger 4-inch Retina Display produce 1136 x 640 resolution, making for more accurate display, with better color saturation. The processor, Apple’s new A6 chip is a smaller overall processor, with a performance capacity of twice as much as the A5 chip for the iPhone 4S. Amazing, a smaller chip at double the performance! To help keep up with this processor, of course this possibly means a higher RAM. Tech geeks are guessing a 1GB RAM, although unconfirmed by Apple (yet).


My favorite part (of course)- the built-in iSight Camera. Still at 8MP but focusing is dynamically improved and photo capture is expected to run faster. I really hate it when I try to take photo of something, and my phone is too slow to take it, making me totally miss the moment, so this is definitely an important aspect. Another new thing that sets them apart is the Panorama Stitch feature- the camera’s ability to capture beautiful panoramic photo simply by “stitching” together a landscape view taken in real-time. It can take up to 28 megapixels.

Video & FaceTime

Video capture and Facetime is also at its best. You can now take still photos while recording a video. Not only the iPhone 5 has a face recognition feature. Facetime is at 720p HD video, which means every blemish, every hair on your face is going to be visible. Just kidding, but totally fudging awesome.


Siri is still the phone’s Intelligence Assistant, aka my very own Secretary, and she’s also revamped. She has the ability to launch apps AND….get this FB addicts- Siri can post up your status for you.


Oh, and another rather dazzling new feature- Apple’s new Maps application, Turn-by-Turn Directions and Flyover. Flyover renders 3D models of cities in realtime. You can pan, rotate, and pan around photorealistic three-dimensional views of a city. The turn-by-turn feature is pretty self-explanatory, a must-have for drivers like moi who have little to no sense of direction. Again, fudging awesome.

Other miscellaneous specs and features include:
*A new charger/connector Apple named “Lightning” notably smaller than the 30-pin connector of all previous iPhones. There is no “right side up” which means you can connect it to your phone on either side.
*EarPods as headphones
*Headphone socket is on the bottom

A side-by-side Comparison of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 taken from APPLE below:
(Any booboos on my part please let me know. I do not tolerate rude comments, no thank you very much.)

Still not conviced? View Apple’s official iPhone 5 trailer below:

iPhone 5 will be released on Friday September 21st at 8am. Pre-orders begin tomorrow, Friday, September 14.

Now the fashionista’s dilemma- a stylish, chic iPhone 5 case.

I got an e-mail from Nordstrom yesterday the same time Apple’s announcement of this much-anticipated gadget, and boy I must say their marketing scheme is phenomenal. Designer brand Kate Spade is also releasing a collection of iPhone 5 cases (yes, you can pre-order).

A case that I have my eyes on.  No pun intended.

Isn’t it sassy? So excited. Can’t wait!