& the bookworm gets inspired

I have been due of a pick-me-upper since I haven’t been feeling to well lately. Shopping therapy is definitely out of the question at this time… **a huge part of my feeling down 😦

I revert to the cheapest way that I know to feel good, and be inspired…and be taken away from reality and immediately snapped back into it (with more positive outlook and perception on life), a hobby that I have genuinely enjoyed as a child and very sloooowly starting to neglect as an adult—- reading.

Reading can take you to so many great places…imaginative or real… like writing, sometimes (or most times) you learn something about your self…and life. You learn about people, but mostly about your self.

Today I came across this brilliant, brilliant quote on what I feel at the moment that I have been lacking….(or needs major rethinking and reevaluation)– success.

“The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do, well.”
-Henry W. Longfellow

Simple as it sounds? Or not?
The bookworm in me learns a little bit about herself. (By continuing to do what I do well, I can be successful.)

You? Nothing?
Hmmm. My suggestion- go read something 😉

You just might get inspired.


What's on your mind darlin?

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