New Years inspiration…?

For 2012 I decided not to have a list of new years resolutions. I have attempted too many times and these resolution have either a)failed b)became irrelevant or c)abandoned. Some examples of my resolutions in the past included: exercise at least half an hour a day, improve my sewing skills, decrease chocolate intake- they were attempted but discontinued due to the above reasons, respectively… Ok, ok…not reasons— excuses if you’d like to call them that, that’s fine with me.

This year instead of small resolutions, I am setting a goal. A great goal, but an undefined one. I was searching for inspiration, and my younger sister Ersa gave me one.


Reading this made me smile. She is so goofy sometimes but I am touched that she has acknowledge the small things that I have done and is wishing that I get what I deserve in return.

No, no. I am not hoping to become a famous celebrity or any type of celebrity for that matter. This year I want to accomplish my biggest dream as well as do more things for others. I would like to be more involved than I have ever been… Both in my personal success and the well being of those around me. My sisters and my brother are my focus. This year I am going to make them more proud of me than I myself have ever been. Because they deserve a cool sister, don’t you think?

On the more traditional and fashion side of things, for New Years Eve, I will still wear red underwear.

Why? Because even without the new years resolution to start off the year, I still believe that wearing red underwear can definitely bring luck and life in the next 365 days. 2012 will be filled with happiness, success, joy, love and prosperity.

I am wishing the same to all of you.

Happy New Years Darling!


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