Twenty Five- A Parisian Affair

The mission of a quarter-century-old fashionista living on a rock in the middle of the pacific begins here.

When I was little I always told myself that by the time I was 25 years old, I would be exactly where I wanted to be in life. This means knowing WHAT i wanted in my life, WHO i wanted to spend it with, WHERE i was heading, and HOW i was going to do it.

For most of us age 18 or age 21 would be the biggest milestones of our lives. For me it is at age twenty five. If I am lucky enough to live to be a hundred years old, I would be at 1/4 of my life’s full capacity. I wanted to make sure that I spend my remaining 3/4 being content and happy. I thought to myself that I have no excuses, I have had 25 years preparing for this.

At the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011, I, Honey Aubrey Bauzon Millon turned 25 years old.

I was in the middle of preparing for our birthday party that day – a “Passport to Paris” theme with a homemade Eiffel tower wall art, a mini Musee du Louvre, etc. Yes, I said OURS. My Hawaiian Superman lover and best friend Bronson, also had his 27th birthday on December 26th. The night of his birthday we spent with his darling family who sweetly combined our birthday celebrations together. We had cakes, blew candles and opened presents like children. I am one of the few lucky ones in this world who gets to share a special day with a special someone. Bronson was the first the greet me, with a luscious kiss. Oh, how I love this man.

The day was spent preparing for the party- cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming…decorating. Our party was a closed invite-only, as I wanted to be surrounded by the people who matter now, and later. The group of friends who both Brons and I have grown closer with all due to our best friends wedding. A wedding party with so many clashing personalities but we managed to not only accept each others differences, but love each more because of it. The newlyweds Juvany and Jena, Retch & Slay, my sister Natalie, Rachelle & James, Jen, Catt & Joe, and Kels & Marlon. Thank you ladies and gents….

retchel.kelsie.honey.jena.catt and rachelle.

The night was filled with home-cooked dinner, delicious cupcakes (thanks Nat), lots of shots and (unopened) wines, and wholesome French inspired games. And of course, there were gifts, lots. My darling lover had yet surprised me again by giving me the Michael Kors bag I have been eyeing, with the help of the fashionable Mrs. Cudera.

Eiffel Tower Wall Art made of recycled Vogue Magazine pages

Musee du Louvre

Eiffel Tower favor bags, also made of recycled Vogue Magazine pages

Delicious cupcakes

Mr. & Mrs. Cudera

Jen and I on a romantic rendezvous under the Eiffel Tower 😉

The monseiurs poppin bottles

An unexpected commotion caused by nonstop shutter clicks

one of the games were to name some paintings displayed at the Musee du Louvre

juvy so focused on figuring out which paintings are what.

some of our gifts- Paris frame, Milano cookies, shoes, gift cards, an eiffel tower wine rack, and of course, lots of tasty wine.

My new MK bag from Bronson

Throughout the night I experienced a pounding headache, but I was so estatic about everyone’s presence, I was just so thankful that they were there…

Then I thought to myself, that this is exactly where I have wanted to be. With the man that I deeply adore and love more than he would ever know, and my darling friends, my sister (and the rest of my siblings)…. They are the ones that keep me sane, in this insanely and crazy but fabulous world of mine.

I could not ask for any more than this.

Are you ready for me, life? I sure am ready to taste my 3/4 cup of you that’s left.

Love, Honey

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