And she returns again…

Why hello my darlings….

Sorry for the AWOL stint I committed again,…. 😦  I do miss you all so much!!!  My last post was in November, yikes!  That makes it seven months of not blogging here…

Although I was highly active on instagram, (and sometimes FB), it is not the same is blogging.  Blogging let me have my spill-my-heart-out moments that doesn’t limit the amount of characters that I use, require a photo for an explanation, or create unwanted drama on social media.

What have I been doing in the past seven months, hmmmm. Let’s see:::

-Designing jewelry, attending craft fairs, selling jewelry

-Designing & decorating homes through my newfound career in home furnishing

-Went on a family trip to Las Vegas (for the first time in my life I experienced the heavenly taste of a Kronut!)

-Playing MyVegas (received comp rooms and free food at The Mirage, MGM, and The Bellagio at our said trip)

-Some blogging with The Glamorous Home (and I emphasize on “some”)

-Couponing (A little extreme—I had to control myself as this “hobby” was getting out of hand)

-Reading self-help books, mostly about improving brain capacity, and the bestselling “How to Make Friends and Influence People” given by my boss (awesome read, BTW)

-Learning how to develop an App (one day, I am going to develop one, not sure what it is yet, but of course you will be the first to hear about it 😉 )


I could go on and on, but it will not include “updating my personal blog” for the past seven months.

I know, I feel terrible.  But yep, I am back… & here’s one of my “I’m currently blogging pics” (previously posted on instagram) to prove it ::::

HoneyAubrey Blog

I pinky promise to the moon and the stars.





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