Superbowl QB Eye Candy Face-Off

I have a confession.

I don’t care about the Superbowl.  Or football for that matter.  I don’t and probably will never just sit down and attempt to understand it.

But… I also confess to watching.  No, no, not the game, but the players.  Just to see to who’s better looking.  Just because I’m pretty much stuck staring at a TV screen completely clueless about what’s going.  Shallow, you might think.  But not really, it’s what I do for a living.

Today’s Superbowl Eye Candy faceoff is between football’s royal family’s youngest son, Giant’s QB Eli Manning and football’s golden boy Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Off the field, they both clean up real nice.

There is no denying that my first Superbowl I ever watched in 2004 with Tom Brady, I totally gushed over him.  Masculine and passionate with that chiseled jawbone, and seductive eyes, so focused and ready to be set on fire when he’s  on the field.  Then there’s Eli Manning and his good-guy aura.  His bright eyes, big smile and oft-hidden humor make him so likable.

They are both appealing in their own ways, and no one can determine who’s going to win the game by judging the quarterbacks’ scores in the looks department….

Twenty minutes into the game, the Giants are looking to potentially win, but we’ll see.  Who’s your pick?


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