The Cute Overload vs. Anti-Cupcake Person

Three boys and a girl. A fashionably quirky one at that… sums up Fox’s “New Girl” starring Zoee Deschanel as the eccentric Jess, who, after a bad breakup, moves to a new apartment with three bachelors each with clashing personalities- Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris).

Watched last Wednesday’s episode on DVR and I could NOT stop laughing. Liz Caplan plays Julia, Nick’s girlnospacefriend, a snappy, anti-cupcake lawyer lacking emotion who confronts Jess about her optimistic fairy tale outlook on life.

The hilarious conversation went on like this….

Julia: You never know, a judge might buy into this whole thing, so..
Jess: What whole thing?
Julia: Your whole thing. With the cupcakes and the breaking for birds, and the bluebirds come and help me dress in the morning!
Jess: Oh wow, I didn’t know I was doing a thing.
Julia: It’s a great thing. The big beautiful blue eyes. I bet that gets you out of a lot of things.
Jess: Yeah, except my peripheral vision is almost too good

HAHAHA! Jess meets her nemesis who was obviously against her cute overload factor or “thing” as Julia likes to call it.  The two go back and forth throughout the episode with snarkable (snarky + adorable) remarks with Julia giving in and ultimately spending a night crocheting with Jess.  Can you say New BFF?!!!

Other quotes from this episode:

Julia: I see what you’re doing. I know that I’m the mean lawyer-girl who wears suits and works too much. And you, you’re the really fun teacher girl with all the colorful skirts and you bake things. And eventually Nick is gonna come running to you and you’ll tuck him in under his blankie.
Jess: What is it with you and the blankie thing?! I never said the word ‘blankie’! I don’t talk like Teddy Ruxpin.
Julia: If I acted the way that you act when I was at work, nobody would listen to me.
Jess: Well if I acted like you at work, my students would turn in really weird, dark dioramas!

Jess: I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person! That’s just weird and it freaks me out! And I’m sorry I don’t talk like Murphy Brown and I hate your pantsuit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it just slightly cuter. And that doesn’t mean I’m not smart and tough and strong!

I thought it was too funny! Who in the world hates cupcakes? And regardless of all the evil, good always wins, right? Same with cuteness.  It can kick cynicism’s butt any day.

Hey, Jess.  YOU GO GIRL.


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