a tribute to my mother

August first marks a very important date that neither my sisters, my brother or I could ever forget. August first was our mother’s birthday.  A woman whom we all loved very much, my mother was beautiful and fashionable, but she was as alluring as she was tragic.

My mother had fair skin, jet black hair and almond eyes.  As a little girl growing up i remember her black and white polka dot dress that she wore that would make every head in a room to turn to look at her…

Polka dot prints represents femininity, sensuality and confidence (think the ity-bitsy-teeny-weeny polka dot bikini ), and to me, my mother has characteristics of all of the above.

I remember thinking that when I grew up I wanted to have that effect on people.  The kind of effect that would just immobilize people because of your presence…

My mother’s polka dot dress was something that i wish i kept after her death, my mother wearing that dress was the most vivid memory I’ve ever had that I wanted to be fashionable, beautiful and alluring, just like her.

In Spring  2009, the fashion industry saw a comeback of the polka dot prints, and boy was I excited to get my hands on some of those dresses.  Hawaii, unfortunately is almost a year behind in the world of fashion, so I didn’t see the polka dot prints appearing in stores here until the Spring of this year.   Jason Wu, Emmanuel Ungaro and Dolce and Gabbana kept some polka dot prints in their Fall 2010 RTW Collection.

For Spring Resort 2011 we see a strong presence of polka dot prints in various garment pieces such as leggings, pants, skirts, dresses and tops, and even shoes accessories.  Georgio Armani , Miu Miu and Moschino feature feminine and whimsical polka dots in their collections.

As a tribute to my mother, I have collected some polka dot apparel and shoes to add to Honey’s Closet.

Rest In Peace, Mama….



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