Shakira’s Sexy “S” Scent

In addition to my obsession with clothes and stilettos, I also treasure alluring scents, thus explaining my love of fragrance.   This fall finally, the celebrity endorsed/created/launched fragrance that I have been waiting for in forever is finally on its way to honey’s closet.

Shakira, hands down, is my favorite recording artists of all time.  She is beautiful, talented, has a good heart, dedicated to her fellow community and is genuinely making a difference in the world through her philanthropic contribution.

The sexy “She Wolf” and “Hips Don’t Lie” songstress is launching her new “S” perfume in the U.S in September, prices are reasonable between $17-$35.  The feminine scent includes notes of jasmine, sandalwood, benzoin, amber accord, and vanilla-  scents she had an affinity for as a child: chocolate with strawberries, honey, and a baby’s skin.

Shakira says,

“Like a song, a perfume is composed of different individual notes, which together form a harmony.”

Below are photos of Shakira’s first fragrance launch in Madrid in June, as well as the official “S” fragrance advertisement, courtesy of WWD.

In September, Shakira also launches her U.S tour.  Oh how I hope she comes to Hawaii, I will definitely be first in line to be her tickets!!!!



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